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National Centers for Environmental Prediction Office Notes

NCEP Office Notes - 2010s
No. Yr Author(s) Title (and link)
4622010Sela, J.The Derivation of the Sigma Pressure Hybrid Coordinate Semi-Lagrangian Model Equations for the GFS
(.PDF file)
4632010Moorthi, Shrinivas
Sun, Ruiyu
Xiao, Heng
Mechoso, Roberto C.
Southeast Pacific Low-Cloud Simulation in the NCEP GFS: Role of Vertical Mixing and Shallow Convection
(.PDF file)
4642010Han, Jongil
Pan, Hua-Lu
Revision Of Convention And Vertical Diffusion Schemes In The NCEP Global Forecast System
(.PDF file)
4652010Wei, Mozheng
De Pondeca, Manuel S. F.
Toth, Zoltan
Parrish, David
Estimating Observation Impact Signals In NCEP GSI Using The Lanczos Method
(.PDF file)
4662011Zhou, BinbinIntroduction to A New Fog Diagnostic Scheme
(.PDF file)
4672011Purser, R. James
Rancic, Miodrag
A standardized procedure for the derivation of smooth and partially overset grids on the sphere, associated with polyhedra that admit regular griddings of their surfaces. Part I: Mathematical principles of classification and construction
(.PDF file)
4682011Purser, R. JamesMathematical principles of the construction and characterization of a parameterized family of Gaussian mixture distributions suitable to serve as models for the probability distributions of measurement errors in nonlinear quality control
(.PDF file)
4692011Krasnopolsky, Vladimir
Fox-Rabinovitz, Michael
Belochitski, Alexei
Rasch, J. Philip
Blossey, Peter
Kogan, Yefim
Development of neural network convection parameterizations for climate and NWP models using Cloud Resolving Model simulations
(.PDF file)
4702012Krasnopolsky, Vladimir
Lin, Ying
A Neural Network Nonlinear Multi-model Ensemble for Predicting Precipitations over ConUS
(.PDF file)
4712012Krasnopolsky, Vladimir
Belochitski A.
Hou Y.
Lord S.
Yang F.
Accurate and Fast Neural Network Emulations of Long and Short Wave Radiation for the NCEP Global Forecast System Model
(.PDF file)
4722013Lu, Sarah
da Silva A.
Chuang H.
Chin M.
Tang Y.
Wang J.
Jones L.
Moorthi S.
Iredell M.
Juang H.
McQueen J.
The NEMS GFS Aerosol Component: NCEP’s global aerosol forecast system
(.PDF file)
4732013Masutani Michiko
Garand L.
Lahoz W.
Riishøjgaard L. P.
Andersson E.
Rochon Y.
Tsyrulnikov M.
McConnell J.
Cucurull L.
Xie Y.
Ishii S.
Grumbine R.
Brunet G.
Woollen J. S.
Sato Y.
Observing System Simulation Experiments: Justifying new Arctic Observation Capabilities
(.PDF file)
4742013Purser, R. JamesComparative Computational Efficiency of Stencils Suitable for the Estimation of Horizontal Taylor Expansion Coefficients
(.PDF file)
4752013Ma Zhizhong
Riishojgaard L. P.
Masutani M.
Woollen J. S.
Emmit G. D.
Impact of Different Satellite Wind Lidar Telescope Configurations on NCEP GFS Forecast Skill in Observing System Simulation Experiments
(.PDF file)
4762014Vladimir M. Krasnopolsky
Fox-Rabinovitz M. S.
Rasch P. J.
Wang M.
Fast NN Emulation of the Super-Parameterization in the Multi-scale Modeling Framework
(.PDF file)
4772014Hann-Ming Henry Juang
A Discretization of Deep-Atmospheric Nonhydrostatic Dynamics on Generalized Hybrid Vertical Coordinates for NCEP Global Spectral Model
(.PDF file)
4782014Vladimir M. Krasnopolsky
NN-TVS, NCEP Neural Network Training and Validation System
(.PDF file)
4792014Hua-Lu Pan
Liu, Qingfu
Han, Jongil
Sun, Ruiyu
Extending the Simplified Arakawa-Schubert Scheme for Meso-scale Model Applications
(.PDF file)
4802014R. James Purser
Zhu, Yanqiu
Ballish, Bradley A.
Recovery of Aircraft Vertical Motion Profiles from Incomplete Data - an Application of the Method of Splines
(.PDF file)
4812015R. James Purser
A Theoretical Examincation of the Construction and Characterization of Super-Observations obtained by optimality Principles Guided by Information Theory
(.PDF file)
4822015R. James Purser
Robustness of Implicit Rung-Kutta Schemes with Respect to Errors in the Specification of the System's Complex Frequencies.
(.PDF file)
4832015R. Sudhir Nadiga
Krasnopolsky, Vladimir
Bayler, Eric
Kim, Hae-Cheol
Mehra, Avichal
Behringer, David
Neural Network Technique for Gap-Filling Satellite Ocean Color Observations.
(.PDF file)
4842016Samuel Trahan
NOAA Environmental Modeling System Regression Test Suite: System Evaluation and Requirements for a New System.
(.PDF file)
4852016R. James Purser
Zhu, Yanqiu
Comparison of Finite Differencing, Time Smoothing and Spline Fitting Algorithms for Estimating Airspeed Metadata from Coarse-Resolution Aircraft Position and Wind Reports
(.PDF file)
4862017R. James Purser
Tong, Mingjing
A Minor Modification of the Gnomonic Cubed-Sphere Grid that Offers Advantages in the Context of Implementing Moving Hurricane Nests
(.PDF file)
4872017Vladimir Krasnopolsky
Nadiga, Sudhir
Mehra, Avichal
Bayler, Eric
Kim, Hae-Cheol
Optimization of a Neural Network-Based Biological Model for Chlorophyll-a Concentration in the Upper Ocean
(.PDF file)
4882017Hann-Ming Henry Juang
The Deep-Atmosphere Euler Equations in a Non-Approximated Shallow-Atmosphere-Alike Form
(.PDF file)
4892017R. James Purser
Sets of Optimally Diversified Polyhedral Orientations
(.PDF file)
4902017Ricardo Martins Campos
Krasnopolsky, Vladimir
Alves, Jose-Henrique
Penny, Stephen
Improving NCEP's Probabilistic Wave Height Forecasts Using Neural Networks: A Pilot Study Using Buoy Data
(.PDF file)
4912017Jose-Henrique G. M. Alves
Campos, Ricardo
Soares, Carlos Guedes
Parente, Carlos E.
Improving Surface Wind Databases for Extreme Wind-Wave Simulation and Analysis in the South Atlantic Ocean
(.PDF file)
4922017Samuel Trahan
Mirvis, Eugene
Carley, Jacob R.
Van Delst, Paul et al
National Centers for Environmental Prediction Coding Standards Version 2016a
(.PDF file)
4932018Jun Du
Berner, Judith
Buizza, Roberto
Charron, Martin et al
Ensemble methods for meteorological predictions
(.PDF file)
4942018R. James Purser
Hilbert Curves Isometrically Filling a Spherical Shell, and their Application to the Estimation of Spatial Data Density
(.PDF file)
4952018R. James Purser
Convenient Parameterizations of Super-Logistic Probability Models of Effective Observation Error
(.PDF file)

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